Monday, 1 June 2009

Scandal's obedience training

Well we are getting there ultra slowly. Her heelwork training I find very tedious as in normal pace (NP) I can not get her to flick her feet at all. The pic below is of slow pace, where we do have better lift. I don't like plain trotting, I like flicky feet, so it's just going to take a lot longer before we get it! In the pic it might look like she is 'in close' but we are just doing a follow.

Recall and retrieve she is learning so quickly, it is purely clicker trained and she loves it, she is so enthusiastic, and with her retrieve she will fetch anything. Her chair presents have now been faded out almost to me standing upright, and she very rarely puppy sits too.
Her agility training we are doing right, left, cik and break (right wrap and left wrap!) she is also learning to go on ahead of me and wrap tightly and come back to me, hopefully so if in competition she is ahead, and I want her to wrap, I can do without using her name.
I have now put a verbal command to tunnel (tunnel) and flat tunnel (flat). She loves the tunnel when it is in a U shape and will keeping coming out and going back in in a circle, which I of course find highly amusing. Soon I will introduce a little bit of obstacle discrimination and see if she really understands the commands or is just following my body. She is a real thinking puppy, and has no problem with failure, as she will work and work, so just keeps trying. So I am not worried about her getting it wrong, like I am with Tia!
She reminds me of Rix in that she really enjoys it and seems to love learning, but she is less headstrong than him, in that I say 'wait' and she does, and she seems to learn slightly quicker than him too. After having Tia it is also very nice training a puppy that doesn't bark!!

A little family update, firstly this is Nell, the red and white girlie - isn't she pretty!! And definitely got the better ears :)

And below is Che (Squiffy) Rave (Bruce) Ruby Fish and Chilli.

And a pic by Lydia Smith of Chilli looking handsome!
I can't believe they turn 6 months in 4 days time!

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