Saturday, 30 May 2009

Rodney and Sunny

Laura's Rodney has had his first couple of shows at UKA now, he's looking gorgeous and his running contacts are fab.
Silly Lucy has disabled the embedding bit, so I will just have to give you the link!
This is Sunny, Rodney's brother. I LOVE him, he is soooo handsome!

Nothing too exciting is going on with my dogs at the moment, I'm not training them hardly at all, as am walking them for longer and just sitting by the river and letting them play! Have done hardly any obedience with the pup, however whenever we go to Susanne's she is brill and looks like we have done loads, which is great, unlike Tia, who you could do loads with, and then she would look like you hadn't done anything since the last lesson. Will start doing more when I finish work in July and go back to being a student - yay!

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Anonymous said...

God, sunny looks so much like Dylon at that age!, .... well minus the ears of course! :-D