Friday, 1 May 2009

Tia pics

Tia at Wallingford - pics by Nick Ridley - she's still a doofus but she looks happy :o)

WBSDS was somewhat eventful with the pup spending most of her time screaming like a banshee, and when I tried to restrain her to calm her down, she managed to flip over on to my back and claw me, grrr. Shes got enough attitude for all the pups in the litter, lol. My new video camera is meant to be arriving in the next couple of days or so, I hope it does, I've missed not beig able to film!

Going to the North Somerset show on Sunday, Garth got me some tickets so I don't have to pay, yay :o) gonna take the pup but she will have a gentle leader on this time so may have a tiddy bit more control.

Have been doing some of Susan Garrett's crate games, and also the "its yer choice" which I wouldn't say the pup considers a game, more like, "mother I hate you HURRY UP and give me the dam treat. She's very much a "yo dude" rather than a "mother may I" for those of you that have read Ruff Love. "Yo dude! I'm hungry!!! Feed me!!!"..... "Yo dude! I'm here! Pat me!".... "Yo dude! Let me out so I can go dig up the garden!".... "Oi dude! Open the damn gate so I can drag us all out the house so we get to the woods quicker!"

Actually it's made me realise that a lot of what Susanne (ob) talked about with me and Tia, is also identified in this book of Susan's, and also the quote that dogs are much better at shaping us than we are at shaping them (or in my case anyway). When Tia presents me with a toy, I am so delighted at the possibility that she might want to do some work that I practically leap out of my seat to do something, and she also knows that if she does her goofy smile, everyone laughs and she gets more strokes. And if she drops the ball in my lap enough times eventually I'll roll it back to her, so the fun begins. It's her deciding when she wants to play, her deciding when she's had enough (when she takes herself off with her toy to have a lie down) and this all translates in to her work.

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