Sunday, 10 May 2009

Scandal and Honey training

A quick vid of Scandal doing some contact training and Honey doing aframe and weaves. Honeys only been in training since the end of December! And Imogen's only 10! Another spaniel AND another child - ahhh!!! Luckily this one (child!) is well behaved :o) so I can cope!

This is filmed on my new camcorder, which is doing my head in. The quality on it is amazing when you first get the clips off (it's HD), but either when I use the Panasonic HD Writer that it comes with, VAIO Movie Story, Windows Movie Maker, or Adobe Premiere it totally messes up the quality, and puts it into SD format (4:3) rather than HD (16:9). Whyyy did my puppy have to chew my old camcorder up!!

Some people have asked how big Scandal is compared to Tia, so here's some pics I took a min ago... except getting 2 dogs to stand, next to each other, while I go to the side to take a photo, is quite tricky! But you can get the jist of it. She was 5 months last week, so I hope she has a bit of growing to do still. Tia is about 19.5".

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