Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Scandal is 5 months already!

Cant believe my gorgeous girlie is 5 months old today. She is so wonderful, I love her to bits, and I will be eternally grateful to Jackie and Ant for letting me have her.

Yesterday I went to the North Somerset show with Jess and Lee - Jess's springer Copper is back on form after having a baddy toenail removed a couple of weeks ago - just a couple of poles in the jumping but the fastest time by a second. The agility and ABC went slightly downhill after that with Copper I think increasing speed by several notches after realising his paw no longer hurt :o) the other two girls I train both had their 2nd show with their spaniels (what is it with me getting to train spaniels!!!) and Shona getting a clear with Keri in the 1-5 steeplechase and just out of the places. All 3 dogs weaved brilliantly so I am very pleased. The two little spaniels did fab contacts too, we won't talk about the big spannel Copper, who used them as a launch pad ;o) but as he hasn't done contacts for about 3 weeks I think the excitement got to him a little. Must say well done for his 2nd in anysize with Rickers on Sunday - Rix always enjoys his 'holidays'.

Anyway back to princess Scandal, I thought I would have her slightly more under control with a gentle leader on but even this couldn't mute her very loud voice! She is still refusing to hold a ball and watch agility but we will work on it.

I walked her round the show and she was great, although did square up to a few dogs who growled at her - she thinks shes a rottie I think! We then watched the tractor racing - I was majorly unimpressed that we had to watch this and thought it would be very boring but I was wrong, it was sooo cool, especially when they were swerving all over the track :o) it was definitely the loudest thing Scandal has ever heard, the noise was horrendous, (and it must have been pretty scary as we were stood at the end so had a big tractor coming towards us!) however Scandal was great, she watched them and when i got the toy out, had a good game. They were also clay pigeon shooting in a nearby field but I don't think she even noticed. I thought she'd be exhausted when she got home, but she wasn't, so we did some left and right wing wraps when she got home, and then did cant-catch-me-to-bring-me-in-the-house which was slightly annoying, but ever so funny.

Today, after as Angela put it "being a drama queen!!" about my poor finger, I was determined Scandal was going to learn that doors/gates do not open unless the pup sits, and she has to wait for my release command. Well after standing at the gate today very annoyedly waiting for her to sit, I gave her a sit command, slowly opened the gate, and she charged through before I could shut it, grrr, she made me jump she moved so quickly like her life depended on it! So then repeat the process and another 5 mins and we're off. I keep her on a long line for the first 5 mins of the walk (as that's where we're most likely to see someone) and so when I climb over the gate I make her wait and she now does it perfectly - yay :o) and then when I release her charges through at a million miles an hour. She's such a fun little girlie, I just love her so much :o)


I'm Helen said...

Ahha another princess with a pink wubba!

Hudsondoglets said...

I am so happy to hear how much you love your dog and how much you're enjoying her. She looks a lot of fun. See you soon.


Katie said...

Awh I'm glad she likes her Wubba! :-D. Can't believe how old she is already.

Sharon said...
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