Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Well I have worked out how to get my vids to come out high quality, however they take up so much room! This vid was like 333MB or something crazy like that. I want a nice high quality movie that only takes up about 50MB max lol!

This is Scandal at Lowri's on Monday. I take her in with me when I go in as the different noises/dogs are really good for her, however she gets very bored when Rix and Tia have their needles in, so I do this kinda thing to occupy her - her 'toy' is a door stop, which she is obsessed with. Her and Tia go round trying to pull all the door stops out of the doors - I bet Lowri and Han can't wait for us to go lol!

They were really pleased with Tia so that is great. She had acupuncture in case she is still sore from running headfirst into a gate Monday morning (yes... the same gate that she has been running UNDER for the last 4 years). Ricky was really good too, he is working so well now.

Hopefully I will get a new vid of Bex on the weekend.

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