Monday, 18 May 2009

Worcester agility show

I went to Worcester show with Jess as Lee had entered Rix but couldn't go. Set off far too early at 6.30am, which is slightly less ridiculous than the 4am we are setting off for flying to Scotland tomorrow!

The day didn't start well with Copper throwing up in the car on the way up... Jess's car, MY dogs bed!!! Luckily it was just grass he had eaten so wasn't too bad to clear up, which we (meaning Jess) cleared up on the hard shoulder - one good thing to come out of it is Jess now knows where her hazard lights are :) I did actually think I was going to be sick at one point, as I am hopeless with anything vaguely sickly, but lucky I was brave and was ok :)

Worcester show was lovely, Jess' Copper is working really well just poles and weave entries now. He had a toenail removed a couple of weeks ago but had an infection in it in the weeks before that, so that set him back with his training, he is a pain with his weavies, at Severnside beginning of May he was perfect in all of them getting fast entries, now he's like nope, 2nd pole will do. I think it will come with more practice, after all he's still a baby. He broke his wait in the 1-2 jumping last run of the day, I don't know who I was more cross with, Cop for breaking his wait, or Jess for not putting him back!!

Yesterday we started nose touch/clicker training his aframe and he loved it, so I think this should help bring his confidence back with running straight down into position.

Love this video still of him taking off so far away from the jump yet he cleared it effortlessly, such a lot of power in him.

I took Rix in pay on the day as they put the jumps down to medium, took his toy in and he was lovely, super fast boy and loved having his bally. Then last thing of the day was veterans, he had a super run and won it by half a second, not bad as he is 10 and a half now, he is running faster than he has done for years.

Bex had her first show back for 3 weeks since her season, she is working nicely, she is like my car - takes a while to get up to speed in 5th gear! She starts the course in 2nd or 3rd gear and by the end is up in 5th. In the jumping she got e'd on dad had food rather than toys to get her going and it flattens her, she is much better with toys. In the video of her 2nd run you can see how fast she comes out the tunnel on the last home stretch, she was really flying, dad just needs to find a way of getting her to start like that now! But she is only 2, she has gone up the grades so quickly I think it is easy to forget that this time last year dad had just won out of grade 2 and dad was moaning he would have to do the Novice Cup at the KC Fest but wanted to do the starters cup! He still has the Agility Club Starters final in July, which will be a bit weird seeing as they won out such a long time ago!

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