Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Introducing 'Todd'

Isn't this little guy totally gorgeous?

Myself, Lee and Jess have just got back from Scotland after seeing the litter of pups that Pam Duncan and Dane Redford had. Ahhh, the pups were just scrumptious, but this little boy right from when I first saw the pics of him just made my heart melt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so yummy I could eat him!!

Lee has been hoping to get a collie pup this summer and when I heard of this litter I thought it sounded just perfect, and in this litter there were 7 pups, 4 merles 2 tris and a black and white. So Lee has had the black and white, he comes down to Bristol in about 10 days and I can't wait (I think Lee is slightly excited too, lol) I hope Scandal likes him, as she can have a little play friend!
Thank you Pam for being so hospitable - it was so exciting flying up to Scotland, almost as exciting as seeing the puppies themselves. Or maybe I just get too excited by sad things (plane, not the pups!). Anyway yayyy I am happy Lee has his own puppy at last and even better we (when Lee gets a big van so can fit more than Jess, Copper, Rix, and all Jess's stuff in one car) can do some Scottish shows when Lee takes the puppy to visit his Scottish pals ;o)

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Gina said...

Oh wow he is divine!!