Sunday, 7 June 2009

Busy week

Bit of a long one!

My Scandal baby is 6 months old, I can't believe it!

Yesterday we did a couple of jump-tunnel-jump (just the jump wings, no poles) and she loved it, she thought it was so fun. I am not sure she is getting the whole idea of running contacts, she has good days and she has bad days. She is really good at coping with failure and just trots round to do it again... phewf, I couldn't have another that crumpled at the mere thought of not getting it right! We also do wing wraps and I'm working on sending her infront of me to wrap round a wing, cor she was really getting this yesterday. We are also practising her waits at every given opportunity and I am really pleased I've put so much work in to these as she goes into a sit on her own accord now, so I am fairly confident that she understands that the quicker she sits, the quicker we can begin the game.

She seems more in to her toy at the moment, and I have been able to call her off several people and dogs, although unfortunately had a minor mishap on Friday with Scandal wanting to join in on a childrens picnic, I think she thought she had an invite to the party, oh how embarrassing. She did do a good recall once she realised I was running very fast towards her. Infact, had I realised where she was running to, before she went round the corner, it could've all been averted.

Had an 'almost' heart attack yesterday, we seem to have an influx of rabbits in one of the fields near to us, they all scatter when the dogs run down the path. Anyway Scandal normally rumage alongside the other dogs, and is always the last one to flush any out. Unfortunately, yesterday, she was walking nicely next to me, when two ran right infront of us (I mean within about a metre), I don't think she could quite believe her luck and dived into the thick hedge (which even Rix and Tia wouldn't attempt) and much to my horror nearly ended up in the road, and there was a car coming. Ahhh was I scared. I have no idea how she managed to tunnel her way through the hedge, as it is really, really thick. I guess the rabbits must have made a pathway through it, big enough for an excited puppy. She is now leadwalked past this particular bit!

Oh and I saw my first ever mole today (the animal mole, not the moles people get on their skin!!) Stupid thing had been making small mole holes in my field, and then Tia found it, and Garth was there to dangle it infront of me and scare me!! Yuck I dont like them, and they dont have eyes! Or their eyes are really small. It totally grossed me out. Tia was of course in her element. I am glad to say that the mole hill creator is no longer there, so my course should no longer be infused with big patches of soil!!

I am looking forward to Thames on Sunday and would like to thank my taxi driver Garth for offering to take me and brat-puppy! x

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Sharon said...

Sounds like your having alot of fun with Scandal, just like I am with Diesel and it looks like they will finally get to meet each other at Thames. Look forward to catching up Char.