Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Golden Valley - Sunday

I don't quite know how Sunday seemed to go in such a blur - I just took Scandal up with me, Lyn let me run Scott as Lee is on 'holiday' in Norway (thanks Lyn :)). This was Scott's 2nd show as a grade 6, and he went clear in the 6-7 jumping, wahoo! The 6-7 agility started well, but I struggle running him as he has different commands to Tia, so remembering my way round the courses (a tad harder than anysize!) was hard enough, let alone the stupid 'this, back, this come, back come' commands so I generally used SCOTT all the way round. I have only included the first part of the agility as it went a bit pear shaped from there :)

Ant and Gass, think she won G3 jumping on Sat. Her runs are looking good, she is working really well.

Imogen and Honey had their first clear - yeahhhhh! Hopefully the first of many :)

Dad won 4-7 (i think) agility, had 2nd in the team and I think a place in jumping too, so a good weekend.

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Lee Gibson Training said...

Wow that dog is amazing...

Fair play pretty impressed you have got C before I have in g6!

Does Tia have any commands btw? I thought they were only two "where was target?" & "stop limping" ;)

Na fair play good vid on Sat.


On "holiday" in Norway