Wednesday, 27 January 2010


The dogs have had a very boring week, only 2 short walks a day, Scandal has been on the lead, yesterday she had 5 mins off lead just trotting around, today had about 30 seconds because I could tell she was uber excited and any second was just off to do a massive outrun. She looks completely sound, have been doing some balance ball exercises to hopefully build her leg back up, stretches and she's been having a short massage too. Think I may do a bit of work on one jump with her on small, on Friday, lots of rewards for doing not very much, then if she is ok, train as usual on Sunday. Rix and Tia are doing well, Tia is being more of a fruitloop than usual think it is because she is not having very much exercise, sorry Tia, only 1 more week of it then back up to longgger walks :-)

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