Monday, 18 January 2010


Scandalina is 13.5 months now and it suddenly dawned on me a few days ago that we appear to be falling really behind with our training, before the snow she was still on small height, she is good at go-ons but everything else just wasnt what I wanted.

So I've been housesitting this weekend and my agility stuff is in the garden, how perfect :D

So we did some training with our 4 upright weave poles on Saturday and Scandal was great, also did some jumping sequences on medium height and she was totally fine, she seems to be a good jumper and has a very clean style, don't think she is going to be a pole knocker (yay) hopefully the balance work we did with her when she was younger has really helped. Yesterday we did seesaw, low running aframe and dogwalk, her dogwalk was 100% perfect, woohoo, much more fast and confident, she is actually running now, rather than half running half stalking.

Running aframe: Having watched some videos of running aframe where the only criteria seems to be "no jump" at the end, I've decided I'm not going to train Scandal with this same criteria. Basically because if the dog is leaping over the aframe and landing in the contact zone, the area of the contact zone is pretty small and at the speed dogs do it, doesn't leave much room for error. So, I want her to touch the aframe twice on down side - once near the top and once in the contact zone. Therefore as the aframe is low at the moment it means she cant meet the criteria running at a full gallop as otherwise she could get from one end to the other in a single stride. Seems to have taken to it well, I am glad that I at least have trained a running dogwalk as it seems to have transferred over quite nicely.

Good ScandalBeans :)

Edited to Add: This is why I dont like the 'one hit' aframe contacts, where the dog just hits the contact zone on the way down, I think the dog doing what he does in the vid is much more likely to happen. Thank goodness the dog was ok.


Dani said...

I agree. That video made me feel sick. Glad Scandal doing so well :-) xx

I'm Helen said...

OMG. I couldn't watch that. It made me feel sick too. That poor poor dog. I really really hope she went to a very good qualified physio/osteo before she went near any obstacles or even a walk again...

Christine said...

Good grief, how scary is that?!