Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Went to a local show on Sunday, to watch Imogen, you get 2 runs in the jumping and 2 in the agility, Honey won the jumping with her first round, but her 2nd round was faster she was just a bit gawpy running past the tunnel, but I preferred this round so I put it on vid :D and poor Imogen I made her take her toy in both rounds in the agility and reward Honey on her contacts, much to Imogen's horror :D here is the vid. Love Honey, she is such an honest little dog.

Time's still flying, Scandal's 13 months. We did some training today, just seesaws, which I was pleased with, as Scandal seemed much more confident on knowing her 2o2o position, weavies, and 'come' (dont take any obstacles, stay on my hand). Her weaves are getting better with each session, the 2 sets of 4 channels are closed up as much as possible now. Able to send her from any angle and she's right about 80% of the time. Also practised sending her into the weaves and me staying far away from them or pulling off, which she was fine with. Want to do jumping and running dw but wont until the ground has improved, which by the weather forcast looks like it might be a while!

Scandal was in trouble this morning, she ran off and managed to get herself stuck the other side of a fence, with a gate with lots of barbed wire, Scandal was in a total panic and wouldnt look at the small hole that was to the side, if you pushed all the brambles out the way. So her long suffering owner had to climb through the brambles, wiggle her fingers so Scandal could see where she was, and when Scandal came to sniff, pull her back through the hole. Damn puppy, I have no idea how she got into the field as it's all sheep fencing/thick bramble hedges round it. That's the first time she's disappeared for ages (and my fault as I was on the phone and not concentrating). Infact I was very pleased with Scandal on Friday, we were walking on the Mendips, looking for a missing labrador, and a bunny appeared right infront of us when we were on a track, well off shot Scandal, but, much to my suprise, when she lost site of the bun, she turned round and came back, after only about 50m. What a good girl. Didn't fancy having to look for a lab AND a collie/fox! Oh and found the Lab too so all was good :-)

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I'm Helen said...

hope you enjoyed heazle..sorry if I seemed a bit vacant when you passed I was a bit preoccupied, having got to the show after a two hour journey (and only 15mins to walk the two courses..)and some icy roads and still didn;t have a plan in mind for Nellie's agility runs there.....