Monday, 25 January 2010

Tempting Fate

What an idiot. Last week I said about what a clean jumper Scandal was. I can count the number of poles she's ever knocked on one hand. Yesterday she completely misjudged her stride, hit the jump and then somersaulted over it, and was very lame. Oh, and ran away from the jump like it had just attacked her. Hmmm, she had just started going a bit faster too, sure she won't be doing that again! She looks ok today, have done some stretches with her, and she is on lead walks, much to her disgust. Was hoping to get to Lowri's on Wednesday but won't be able to now as too much uni work, it is never ending at the moment!

Tia was also in the wars managing to get her tail fur stuck in a jump wing, I had to send Imogen off to get some scissors so I could cut Tias tail out, there was no way the fur was coming out, it was hard enough getting the fur out without Tia attached to the jump! Think Im gona shave her tail fur now, stupidly long anyway!


I'm Helen said...

That sounds truly horrible Char. Being positive though don't worry about Scandal from a jumping point of view. She will forget if you will! Once you are happy she is OK physically (and I hope she is very soon with the TLC you are giving her) just leave it a few days do other things to do with agility and other things you teach her and when you feel you have 'left it behind you' have another go. She's gonna knock poles sometimes. Nellie had a smash into the edge of a flat tunnel when she was around 14 months old, and my heart stopped. I could not breathe. She was going like the clappers and we all heard the 'smack'. Had her checked out by four different people (vet, chiro and two physios -Amanda and her partner physio- during the next few days and weeks) as she too was lame initially. You can imagine my feelings next time I lined her up for a sequence with the flat tunnel.......but I didn't let her know that!
As for poor Tia - nasty jump wing!

Char said...

Thanks Helen. She seems better today and is weight bearing evenly on all 4 legs. She got to go off lead on the last bit of her walk today where she just potters about, much to her relief. It is so horrible isnt it, they are our babies, dont want them to hurt themselves! Yes just got to grit teeth and move on, I am sure she will be fine, as long as I dont baby her and make a scene out of it next time we train! Might just do a bit of value stuff for one jump, the first time we do anything, and then build on it in the subsequent sessions, so we make it a very positive session and she can get her confidence up again. Thanks xx