Monday, 17 March 2008

Flippin rain!

Grrr all this rain!! So annoying!!

Trying to keep Tia jump fit, as she tucks her legs up big time if she's not. So I've been jumping her over some benches on our walks (she's obsessed with this and as soon as we get in to a field with a bench in it she runs all the way down and waits by the bench, bless her!). Yesterday we were meant to be going to Laura's field, however it was raining solidly for most of Saturday, and most of Sunday morning. So that's re-booked for Wednesday, fingers crossed with the weather!

I did manage to do a lesson yesterday in the afternoon just using the top part of the field, as it trains fairly quickly. Went out there again to do another lesson and training with Tia and it's fine. Tia is working really nicely. I've introduced 'away' as her 'out' command, she knows out and round as meaning different things so had to find a word I'd associate with out, as otherwise I'd never remember to use it. She's picking it up really well. Hopefully I'll be able to use it to send her out round a jump, rather than me having to stick my knee there to make she doesn't pull through the middle. Her seesaws are brilliant too now, straight to the end... wish Becca would take note! Bex's seesaws are getting better, it's just whether she'll be able to tell the difference between a SS and DW on new equipment... here's hoping!

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