Friday, 28 March 2008

Obedience efforts (or lack of)

Ooops. Tia has an obedience show on Sunday. I only realised, last weekend, that the obedience show was this weekend. Thought we had a bit more practise time. I've been practising distance control and retrieve in our house, but sendaways are a damned pain in the ar*e at the moment coz I stick my flower pots up in the park, turn round, and they've rolling away in the wind! Altho Rix finds it great fun to retrieve them all in return for a treat.

Tia's heelwork is looking nice, her positions are fairly strong at the moment and touch wood she hasn't missed any for a while, it's just her fast pace that's pants. Mainly because I don't want to look like an even bigger t*t lumbering round the park with Tia joined to my leg. Normal and slow pace I can just about manage, but I just look the biggest muppet in the world doing fast pace... so we don't tend to practise it much... and it shows in the heelwork marks!

I'm hoping to get Tia's last 2 qualifiers for ticket in the next 2 months... really would like to get them by the end of May. We're doing GSD of Wales, Goonhavern (what a name, lol!), Sherborne, Rugby, South Cots, Loughborough and Taunton. Although how many I will actually go to remains to be seen as it'll be a lot of effort driving to them all, and I have my exams in May, so I may not attend them all! I just want her to get her qualifiers and then I can cut back, stick mainly to agility, and just to some champ obedience shows. That's the plan anyway. Reality I'm sure will be different!

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