Thursday, 13 March 2008

Vid from Newton Heath

Thought it was about time I uploaded it!

I very nearly didn't go at all as a few days beforehand Ricky had bowled Tia over making her lame on her back leg. The earliest appointment that the physio could do was the following week, so I was umming and ahhing about whether to go... then Laura said she'd give me a lift... decision made... I popped Tia over a jump a couple of times on the Friday and she was fine, so it was fingers crossed she'd be ok... several people have said it but she does appear to be made of rubber... she jumped stupidly to catch a ball at the beginning of Feb and landed on her back, got up like nothing had happened! Silly dog, I try to wrap her in cotton wool but she always finds something else to do!

Anyway on to the show... Grade 6 Jumping was first, nice course to get Tia back into the shows as it was her first one in 3 months, very flowing course, gazillions of fast clear rounds so knew I'd have to really push her if I wanted a place. She had two poles, and when I replayed it on the tape when I got home realised it was the leg she was lame on that took the poles.

Grade 6 Agility - I'd been watching Brenda's courses (she had also done the G7 Agility and 6-7 small/med agility) and thought they were nice, you had to really work them and there were loads of areas which people hadn't seen as traps that were catching dogs out. Tia ran really nicely, her seesaw was brill, she had a wide turn when you had to send them through a box and then back round as she thought I was sending her out over a jump, more work needed on that!! I took a risk 2 jumps after the weaves and front crossed, only saw 1 other person run it like that, but it paid off as I was able to block the tunnel for a jump, and then send her into the tunnel the quicker way. I even managed to pull her past the start jump on the way to finish - things must be improving!

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