Monday, 31 March 2008

Going backwards

Why do I put myself through it! The tears, the upset... and then I'll go and do it all again next week!

The show yesterday was pants. Tia stopped short of the back marker on the sendaway. She's being a real pain in the ar*e with this in the ring, in training no matter how far away the back marker is she will still run to it at top speed but in the ring as soon as she's past the front markers she slows down waiting for me to drop her, and if I don't, she drops herself, grrr! Think I'm going to have to do some training in the ring ones. Trouble is, I don't really fancy travelling 2 hours to a show, with 1 dog in 1 class, to train a flipping sendaway!!

Distance control... it was leave your dog in the stand, first position was the down. Not Tia's favourite start. I get one chance to set her up as if I have to re-set her, she gets spooked and will then mess up the first 3 positions. Sure enough, I didn't set her up on the line, so had to re-set her, and although she did the positions, she got all jumbled up with what she was meant to be doing, and in the down to the sit, moved her feet up about 2 inches, then when I said down, she got up then led down in one swift movement! Arghhh! How hard can it be to do positions that she's known since she was a pup!

Then heelwork, well Tia missed her sit, AGAIN!!!!!! Silly doglet. I am now retraining it using a different command as the pair of us have a huge issue with it in the ring now. Our next obedience show is on the 13th. I hope she manages the sit, even if nothing else! I'm calling in to Chel's to see her Harrjak pups on the way down to Cornwall so that should be fun!

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