Wednesday, 12 March 2008

New blog

Well I've decided that I need a new blog, as I can't keep posting stuff about Tia on Bex's blog, so this one will be for both of them!

Bex was ill over the weekend, think it was something to do with dad giving her a raw bone. She's back to her normal naughty self though now, causing havoc everywhere!

We are renting Laura's field for a couple of hours on Sunday, which should be fun, I wanted to hire it as Laura's got Adams Agility equipment which is what they use at Dashin. As Bex is still a bit of a scaredy cat on seesaws I want to make sure she's ok with the weight of the seesaw - being such a dinky thing I've been really suprised at how much the different weights of the seesaw affect her - something you don't notice as much with bigger dogs. I will try and get some vids of Bex and also of Lucy, Sarah's Gunran puppy (well she's not really a puppy anymore, she's 16 months!) and maybe post the vids on here if Sarah lets me ;o)

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