Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Agility... or lack of it!

Well firstly unfortunately Tia's back problem has reappeared so agility is on hold for the time being, which means I'm not doing any more ag shows this year, dad will be taking Rix to Caerphilly and Dashin Dogs to run him in anysize (Rix needs to keep up his fat fighters course). When I went to the specialists on Monday Tia had accupuncture and spent most of the time trying to pull the needles out (something which she's never done before) and then when she got up after about 15 mins, her back leg (the one she had problems with back in April) was totally dead, like it was paralysed, only lasted for a few seconds and then she was lame on it for a few more seconds before going back to being ok. So paranoid-ness goes into overdrive again! Rix is coming next week, he is joining the doggie gym there... I'm sure he'll hate it almost as much as the bike ride he gets in the mornings now! There's lots of progress on his weight, I think he could almost be described as 'remotely slim' now, something that you don't generally use when talking about Ricky. Still doesn't help him keep the anysize jumps up tho :o)

Dad and Bex... dad judged at Tuffley on the Saturday, then on the Sunday ran her in the rain and fell over and hurt his back... I did feel a bit sorry for him although gave him no sympathy when he was moaning about it (I said perhaps he should make some more appearances at the gym??? I'm such a kind daughter!) Then Bex had a 4th? (I think) in 1-7 jumping. At Rugby they were consistent... 3 E's. Dad's been really slack with her training recently and I think this performance has hopefully kick started him into doing something about it.

My job is going really well, I am really enjoying it, my bosses are fantastic, I have learnt so much already, can't wait for the next 11 months :o)

P.S Well done to Ant and Ruby who qualified for YKC ADOTY at Rugby... can't wait to see her at Crufts... just hope Ru comes in to season soon!


yvette said...

hi char so sorry to hear tia is not good shame she looked so good in her allsorts you are doing the right thing though the dogs come first, big hugs to you and tia.

take care yvette xx

Leanne said...

Sorry to hear about Tia, it must be very upsetting and frustrating to have her health take such a jump backwards when you had both been working so hard to get her back on her feet (paws?!).

Fingers crossed she comes around again. Do they know what caused her to relapse?

Char said...
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Char said...

Thanks both. Lea they don't know why, she's been acting v strange the last couple of weeks (better now) so I don't know if something affected her outside of agility, you never know with T. It is frustrating, but at least it stops me getting distracted so I can concentrate on obedience! I do miss the agility shows, and when I eventually do get to a show I seem to spend most of my day saying hi to those I havent seen in months and months! See u in 2009!!!

Angela said...

...Well, if you and Tia want a Cornish holiday, pop down and see us, the caravan is free(empty) bring the Rix man as I'm sure Red would love to see him.
Cuddles to them from us all here.
Angela x