Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Poor me! Lol

Poor dogs must be wondering what is happening! I started work on Monday... my day, for the time being, now starts at 5am. Yes, 5am!!! That is far too early, some times I had not even gone to bed by that time, oh my, how things have changed, the only nights vaguely possible for me to go out are now Friday and Saturday, as there's no way I could get up that early after a late night. However on the plus side I should be home by between 4pm and 4.30, so at least I have the afternoon and evening to give the dogs some attention. Thank goodness for flexitime! Plus we have half days on Fridays (even better).

I haven't done any agility with Tia this week, it's been too wet. Took her to the specialist on Monday and she was perfect, so dropping down to once a week now, even better. I've done bits and bobs of obedience this week, mainly sendaways, OMG such hard work! Tia is such a retard, she insists on slowing down on her way to the back marker and then slinkies up to it (like she used to stalk the contacts). I'm now rewarding her for standing at the back marker, and am feeding her, or putting her toy, in a food bowl, to make sure she stands. It's working, as she's running a lot better. But I know when I get her back in the ring old habits will die hard. Her heelwork is superb. Retrieve and DC also good. Bl**dy sendaways! Even harder when I do shorter ones in C, then long ones, with long runouts past the front markers in ticket. So I'm debating about whether to train the next 4 that I am entered in, before her first champ at the beginning of August. However that is a long way to go, just to train sendaway! Hmmmm......


Lucinda said...


I need to do some obedience training with Jazz, i havent done any for about 2months!! And she is in the YKC obedience at Crufts next year so i better start training!

I have been doing agility lots with her (i have a new video of her on my blog, shes 13months old already) shes growing up to fast lol

Tia looks great in her obedience training video's :)

Saint Lover said...

Oh my goodness.. that is WAY too early for me too. I hope the job is going well and you are at least enjoying it.

I am sure your puppers miss you but that just makes the heart fonder when you are home.. or so they tell me ;)