Thursday, 3 July 2008

More improvement in Tia

I gave Tia a rest from agility on Monday and Tuesday after all her hard work at Lansdown (lol) but on Tuesday did some heelwork, sendaways and distance control, which she loved, and was fab. Then we had her treatment in Cardiff yesterday and I was somewhat apprehensive at how sore she'd be... but NO PAIN whatsoever!!! This is brilliant, as even with doing agility AND obedience Tia's had no setbacks, so I'm really pleased.

I did some agility training today and set part of a course Lee had given me, which involved layering a jump on an angle, while at the same time pulling them past both ends of a tunnel. Tia was AWESOME (and I wasn't bad, because I got it right on take 5, haha) she tried so hard and put so much effort in. When she was more warmed up I put the jumps up to medium and again she was lovely, in fact she was better as the height seems to give her a better shape and jumping action.

I also made dad practise it (it's from an A3 (grade 6-7) course) and barring a little issue dad had with layering they were faultess... and I was speechless, as dad had to concentrate so hard to get his handling right, he lost the verbal diarrhoea that he always has.

Then to finish with Tia I set up jump - 10 paces - long jump (4 parts and fairly big) - 10 paces - jump. I set Tia back really far away from the first jump as I wanted her to find her own stride without taking off too late or too soon, and she was perfect again - I guess she is better in training as she is more confident, as take off points are still an issue in the ring. Anyway she jumped brilliantly, 100% extending on straight lines, and I think 90% on turns, which is better.

I've also managed to book a training evening with Natasha Wise in august, woohoo, I've been wanting to train with her for ages!

We're going to Laura's field on Saturday and I'm really looking forward to it as it is the ONLY venue where Tia will put 110% into her work, I have no idea why but she is like a crazy loon at Laura's, full of drive and confidence. I hope I can get that in the ring one day.

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