Sunday, 29 June 2008

Lansdown - Go Bex and T! and Ruby vid

Had a lovely couple of days, it's my old club's show, and I only really enter as I help for most of the weekend, and it's great to catch up with my old clubmates and see their new dogs coming out etc.
Vid of the weekend

Firstly Bex, first grade 3 classes. Dad was judging on Saturday, so Sunday was her first ones. She won the agility! So is now grade 4, much to dads horror! And had a lovely run in the jumping dad just pushed her pulled her away from the tunnel. Bex is working superbly and dad's handling her really well (99% of the time) she's sped up so much.

Then my two anysize monsters, Ricky had a lush run on Saturday and ran past the last jump as he saw the lead bucket! And then had a pole on Sunday, but was a bit scrabbly so I think he was feeling more arthritisy (probably as he went for a huge long walk on Saturday night!).

Tia - little star. On Saturday I ran her like a right drip, as I was scared I'd break her (which I didn't) and as normally I have to really push her and I didn't, she ran a bit hesitantly and this made her tuck up on a couple. She still came 3rd though, yay! On the Sunday I decided I'd work her like I would normally do and she was great. I set her up too far back on the line to see if she'd pick her striding - she didn't! Took off slightly too soon for the first jump and then bounced, I'm not entirely happy with how she bounced this as she looked a bit uncomfortable, but I'm trying to think positive, and it's probably because she was on the wrong stride. She then did another bounce half way round which was MUCH better and had more height too. For Tia to put in two voluntarily bounces is great as before she was diagnosed with her back problem she was doing everything possible to avoid bouncing. She flew round and won it. But to be fair I wouldn't have cared what she came, I was so thrilled with how much she was driving. And she was so happy to be queueing again!

Video of the fab Ruby


Leanne said...

She looks fab Char! And Bex is coming on in leaps and bounds. Don't think she'll be Grade 4 for long!

Ruby is just stunning.

Hudsondoglets said...

Go Bex - great result.

Glad to hear Tia is progressing well and at a nice pace.