Thursday, 12 June 2008

Wesley - my project! (+ video)

Last year my neighbour took on a 4 year old GSD, as the owner was moving to rented accomodation due to splitting with her husband, and couldn't take both her dogs, so kept the old one. All seemed well at first but then Wesley started showing his 'true' colours, what seemed at first to be a fairly ordinary dog suddenly started to show massive fear issues - you couldn't hold his collar, couldn't lift your arm without him running, couldn't approach him if he thought you wanted to catch him, and was scared of most of the agility equipment.
To top that all off, agility wise he is for the kids - age 4 and 7!!!! So rather a big challenge.
They got him in September, roughly, and had a couple of months off over the winter when he was neutered, and couldn't train due to the bad weather. I know he's way behind what you'd expect them to be doing at this stage, but considering I think the first month or two he would do about 2 jumps and then run and growl and bark at anyone who came near him, I think the improvements are quite big! He also had a big problem with weave poles as was REALLY terrified when they touched his body. I am 99% certain he was hit and dragged about in his old place, he's so much better now, but every now and then has a trigger which sends him back into scaredy cat mode.
Here's some clips from today!
Every lesson at the start we do 2-3 runs on lead of full height jumps, basically because he totally refuses to go up a height off lead! He was exactly the same on the transition from small-medium, he would just stop dead at the medium height jump as if to say 'er, this one's too big!' I'm now starting to put the occasional one on full height when he is off lead and so far he is doing well. Certainly a rather complicated project anyway!


Natalie said...

aawwwhhh.. and a little lol!! :D

Fab job Char!

Saint Lover said...

I love it! That's an adorable video... I have added you to my blogroll.. I can't believe I didnt have you there already.

Gemma H x said...

Aw Char thats so cute! Love the bit where they collapse in a heap- he obviously loves the kids!

You must be knackered after each lesson with all that running!!!

Cute and very funny :) Well done you x