Thursday, 19 June 2008

Tia training day two

Tia's training day two! The first jump grid actually consists of 5 jumps not 4, but I couldnt zoom the camera out enough so gave up and just did the first 4. And then zoomed in a bit and did 3, purely so I could see her action better when I reviewed it. Her set point... hmm I'm not sure, as rather than using the stride regulator for her first stride, on some of them she's trying to add her own stride beforehand in, maybe I need to set her up closer.

She did the aframe today... rather excitedly! And we did some fabulous seesaws too, just seesaws on their own with a treat for stopping 2o2o.

Things to work on: WAITS! They are so terrible! I should've used the last 7 weeks to practise a good wait, lol!
Seesaws: Now need to build up the distance that she'll do the 2o2o independantly.
Right turns: I still think these are weaker (it was her right leg she injured). I may email the specialist the vid so she can have a look. Or maybe I'm just being paranoid?!

If anyone has any other suggestions as to what I can do jumping wise with her, it'd be appreciated, I really want to try and do everything right and do as much as I can to help teach her to flex and extend, rather than twisting her spine.
From Paranoid of Bristol :o)


Gina said...

Ooh that set point thing looks interesting. I put some Chris Zinc exercises up yesterday as Rum had been knocking poles at Newton Heath. Uploaded a vid to YouTube - we did serpentine and circular exercises at different heights - and bounces but different distances. I think Rum is finally learning to look for the pole rather than kangaroo jumping everything! LOL.

Leanne said...

Could you try the V-Bounce? Not so much for extension but teaching her to collect "properly" might also help.

I think you're right about the right turns, btw! She doesn't look to be working on as tight a curve as she does for the left, or bringing her head around as much.