Sunday, 8 June 2008


I am posting this in the hope that Sarah (think thats your name?!?!?! sorry, hopeless memory) reads the blog, I spoke to you at Thames today, and you gave me your tel number and email, but I've lost it! Could you email me please, the addy is harding _ charlotte @ (remove spaces) thx!

Thames saturday: Dad won 1-2 jumping with Bex, and 4th in 1-5 agility, the dopey spaniel stopped on her aframe contact and wouldn't release, and was sniffing for her treat, grrrrr stupid sniffy spaniel!!! And dad, also being stupid, for some reason known only to him, entered just the Saturday, and didn't put Sunday's classes on the entry form! Muppet! Anyway, he scrimed for Graham in the champ small and medium today so felt very proud, bless him.

I went to Thames today just for one veteran jumping run with Ricky, which he won, yay!! He won by 0.9 secs, he ran SO much better than he did back in April, where he'd been a tad stuttery on medium height, but he was lovely today, however I thought he'd had a pole, as I pushed him as hard as I could and just pegged it, and he rattled all the poles on the corners, but this time luck went our way and they stayed up! I didn't realise we were clear, went back to the van chucking his toy, and dad came marching back very annoyed as I'd pushed him out of the trophies with Sarah's oldie Maddy, ooops! Bless. I then spent the rest of the day rather bored analysing how I'd have handled Tia in the Chum qualifier (lush course) and the grade 7 jumping. Oh and I did a tad of ring partying too, but my hayfever is really bad today, everyone kept asking if I'd been crying, but no, my eyes were red and sore from being itchy from hayfever grr, so I didn't want to help much as I kept sniffing and needing more tissues, gross! (Sorry Lee for the detail, if you ever by any chance read this lol!)

Dad's doing one day of Golden Valley next week, I have nothing. Although I have an obedience show on Wednesday, again rather random but heyho. Then I've got Axe Vale obedience the following week and then Lansdown agility where hopefully Tia will do anysize, ahhh, the excitement!


Angela said...

...Hey all want to see some videos of that "lush" Bex's of your Dads!?
.....Does that make me "hip" saying lush?

Char said...

Ha ha, the problem is, dad and Sarah can never be bothered to take the video cam! I have a video of Bex at Dordale, I will have to post it!

Hudsondoglets said...

Well done Bex! Not so bad after all!