Monday, 23 June 2008

More Training for Tia

Tia's had her 3rd agility sesh now. We have to train a day, then rest a day, so last week I trained Tuesday Thursday and Sunday, this week I will train Tuesday and Thursday and then she'll be doing anysize at Lansdown (*jumps up and down in excitement*). On Sunday I did some fan exercises and she was very stiff to start with on right turns, tucking up and jumping like a robot, but once she was really warmed up she was extending beautifully and we finished off with some lovely snakes. I let her run the aframe and dogwalk and then did two 4off dog walks which she did fabulously. Her seesaw was also really good, although I'm putting her treat lid in 2o2o to remind her that we don't do running seesaws!

She went back to the specialist today and the great thing is there's no soreness in her back, which is fab after 3 agility sessions. Her quads were a bit sore, however Lowri said this is good, as it show's she's using them, rather than all the power coming from her front end. So she had some acupuncture in her back end. Will be keeping jumps on mini height for most of July.

I did some heelwork training with her today. Since she qualified ticket in May I've done nothing with her, and her first ticket show is about 6 weeks away so I figured unless I want to look like a total pillock I better start putting some work in. We did sendaways yesterday, just fun ones, her racing out, getting her tug, and then racing back to me for a game. We also did DC, and once we got over the issue of stand-sit, where Tia wanted to do stand-sit-down, she was great. Here is a vid of her doing heelwork. She's a bit forward, but considering she now probably has no muscle tone in her neck, I think she's great. I also think her head carriage is too high, but there's not a lot I can do about that! Eeek!

Nice zoom in of my backside lol! Lovely!


Angela said...

She looks great Charlotte! nice curly hair too!
See you Saturday.

Vicki said...

thats fab that shes not got any back soreness!

good luck for the anysize class!

Lucinda said...


lovely heelwork :)

lucinda x