Monday, 16 June 2008


Tia can start training again!!! Ahhh! How exciting!!!!!!

Firstly we had a phone call from the vet. There is two things it was likely to be, one was a small blood clot which basically cut off the circulation to the skin and therefore the skin died, and then infected itself, which kinda ate into the inside of her, hence why it was so deep. The other, was immune mediated vasculitis, which, if you look on google, and then images, shows a picture of a human foot, which was sort of like what Tia's hole would have ended up like, had I not found it! I'm not putting the pic on here as it's too gruesome!

Secondly I went to the specialists. Tia 'freestyled' the water walker, as she couldn't have a lead on because of her neck. She did 20 minutes altogether, and at 6min, 12 min, and 15 min she did a minute at the trot which was pretty hard in the water! Lowri did some accupuncture in her neck and felt all round it, and said that basically there is lots of loose skin round it which is good as it means there is movement in it if she moves her head either side. She said that it's fine to start training on small height, as long as we don't do tunnels or weaves, until her stitches come out. A day of training then a day of rest, etc. OMG I am so excited! First sesh tomorro. Yippee :o)


Saint Lover said...

good news... sounds like she is on the mend.

I bet she's chomping at the bit to start agility training again.

Natalie said...

Fab Char! :) Really pleased to hear she'll be back at it! xx