Tuesday, 10 June 2008

No fun for Tia

Well, went back to the specialists yesterday morning, they are really pleased with her progress and said we can do a bit more jumping with her... then the bad news.
On Sunday at Thames, I found a big scab/lump on Tia's neck (the top side, not underneath). It was just a bit smaller than a 10p piece, perfectly round, several people thought it was ringworm (which is a fungal infection, NOT worms, which I nearly fainted at, at the thought of little wormies in my Tia baby!). It was fairly hard, and so dad took her to the vets yesterday, when they lifted the scab off it was really gooey, and they weren't sure whether it was a melanoma, or an infected tick bite (although the dogs very rarely get ticks, I haven't seen one on either of them this year). The vet was quite concerned about it and so Tia went in to have it removed earlier today, and they have done a biopsy on it. I should be able to pick Tia up later tonight but won't have any definite answers until the biopsy results come back.

A good few months ago, infact perhaps over a year ago, there was talk on the agility forum about whether dogs need their dew claws. Ricky'd had his removed, infact when we first got him I just assumed he didn't come with them, as I had no idea dogs had these weird thumb things. However several people have said about dogs having no dew claws are more likely to get wrist injuries, which is exactly what Ricky has got. I found Chris Zink's article earlier, thought it made really interesting reading, here is the link for it http://www.jandemellobordercollie.com/DewClaws.htm
BTW how lush are Jan's BC's! Especially Voucher, Hob Nob I O Ewe, he is GORGEOUS!

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