Saturday, 7 June 2008

Tia et agility

I am rather pleased to report Tia has just done her first agility training sesh! Ok it was rather short, I think 5 minutes would have been pushing it. But wowww she has missed her agility, think she put her devil horns on today she was so keen to get going. I couldn't make her do a proper wait so in the end set her about 10ft back from the jump and just let her shuffle forwards, I don't want to knock her enthusiasm as we don't get it very often! She did the jumps on 6", and my god she absolutley flew, squeaking all the way as she went in to the tunnel! Only did it twice, but bless her she was so happy. We also did the seesaw as Lowri said it will help her balance and back leg muscles. Tia did this really fast, without dithering on the midpoint, much to my suprise.
So that just about concludes the training sesh, lol!!

Also, Laura came round again with Be, she's so scrummy! And her GSD, Elmo, was fab, he's driving so much more now, really enjoying his agility. And Laura did some heelwork with him too, and OMG, he's stunning, Laura only said she dabbled in it so didn't think it'd be brill, but it's good enough to win a novice, if she sorts her left turns out! Hopefully her first show will be Burnham on Sea in July. I can't wait!

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