Sunday, 15 June 2008

Go Bad Becca!

Firstly I can't believe how many people read my blog! I only put the counter on on Thursday and it's had 125 visitors from 8 countries, how cool :o)

Secondly, dad went to Golden Valley on Saturday with Miss B. I got majorly annoyed with dad on Friday as he's being such a donut at the moment, firstly didn't enter the Sunday classes at all at Thames, and had forgotton to enter Bex in the 1-3 jumping, even though I had written BEX very clearly next to the class name, to make sure he couldn't miss it! What a wally. Anyway so he wasn't sure whether he was going to go, as he only had a 1-2 agility and two 1-7s. But I said he should go anyway, as it was his last 1-2 class. And good old Bexy delivered, and won by 6 seconds! The funny bit is that she qualified for the Agility Club Starters Final... in 2009!! It'll be funny her running in a starters final when hopefully she'll be grade 5 by then!

I did some filming of her on Friday, of her contacts, we have changed tactic on them, as Bex seemed to be getting slower (in the ring), and I think it's because dad's being a bit negative, as when he's proofing them, if she flies, he'll say 'no', which I think Becca is taking as 'ook I'll do it slower'. So we've been letting dad run them, either holding so they are stop-go, or just running them, and Bex loves it! Dad let her run them yesterday in competition and said they were much faster.

Here's a vid of her from Friday, and 2 more runs which I found on the camera from Dordale!

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Vicki said...

Well done Bex!

Its funny how that final works. One girl qualified with her dog and by the time they ran her dog was g6, lol