Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Tias neck!

For those that want the evidence that Tia can go to normal dog to dog with big hole in neck in 2 days... here it is... apologies if eating breakfast!
I nearly fainted (again) when I saw her yesterday, it made me feel all queasy, poor Tia.

I'm not quite sure how to walk her at the moment as I cant put her collar or slip lead on, and her harness sometimes catches it (which then makes me feel faint again). I'm off to Pets at Home in a minute to see if they have anything worth buying (which they probably won't, but Tia will enjoy romping round off lead, teehee).

Lowri (the specialist) wants to see Tia on Monday and she'll probably do some accupuncture round her neck to ease any soreness thats built up. Oh and last quite major problem is Tia's now trying to scratch her neck with her back foot and has made it look a bit red. But of course she can't where a big collar thing as it'll rest on the wound, at this rate I'll be bandaging her feet up!


Angela said...

Oh no Tia what have you been up too? ..... Harry sends cuddles. xx

Char said...

I would like to know that too!! We are waiting to hear from Mr Vet but the biopsy results take a week, sooo I have to be patient grr!

Hudsondoglets said...

Poor Tia. Hope she is better soon. She really is not having a good time right now.

Watched your Dordale videos, great stuff!