Monday, 2 June 2008

Maybe... "Be"

A few months ago my friend Laura was looking for a pup, I've trained Laura for a couple of years, she has 2 GSDs, and won out of grade 1 and had a win in grade 2. Her youngest GSD had some leg problems and she wasn't sure how much he'd be able to do agility so she decided to bring forward the time to get a pup. So she asked me to help. Woopee, I love puppy hunting!!

I really like the pups that Jaff has produced, so I emailed John and Kate and they said that Mary Edgar, who breeds the Kipcroft line, was going to repeat the mating in the next few weeks. The first Kipcroft litter are 3 years old now, there was 3 in the litter, Meg, Lex and Tig, Tig is already grade 7! All 3 pups are fabby. I emailed Mary to see how big the waiting list was, and she said that there was a chance, if people picked the right way, and there were the right number of girls and boys, that Laura would be able to have one.

One small problem... Mary was in Scotland!!! I wasn't sure whether Laura would be prepared to drive all the way up there, after all it is a long way to go! Anyway so Laura and I saw week by week pics of the pups growing up, there were 2 boys and 2 girls. Laura definitely wanted a girl. Out of the girls there was a red and white and a black and white. Laura didn't want a really headstrong bitch, and the red was more headstrong. I personally prefered the black and whites markings, as she was marked like Ricky. Then by coincidence I got chatting to the person who was first in line for a bitch, Sarah. She had her eye on the red. John Wykes, Jaff's owner, was having one of the boys, but wasn't picking until 6 weeks, so no-one else knew before then. I thought this was a good way actually, as some breeders like you to pick at 3 or 4 weeks.

Then Laura got the news to say John had picked the red tri boy, and Lisa had picked the black and white boy. Laura booked a flight to Scotland, on the same day as Sarah, knowing there was a chance Sarah would have the black and white... but Sarah stayed with the red!! So a couple of days later 'Be' was home, and Laura's going to call her Kipcroft Maybe, as it was maybe, maybe not that she'd get her. Laura brought Be round yesterday and she had great fun playing with Bex, Bex thought it was fab that she had a new playmate (altho Be was rather bemused by it all!).

This is Be, Lauras pup (I am trying to upload a vid but at the mo it wont work!)

And Flame, the pup that Sarah picked

The whole litter were totally stunning, I wouldnt have liked to have had to pick one, they were all lovely!

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Gina said...

Aww gorgeous pup!!! Am getting you on the case when I get my next one lol.