Thursday, 29 May 2008

Tia's a ticket dog woohoooooooooo!

(And the internet is restored, yayyy!)

I went to the BC Club of Wales obedience show today. Ummed and ahhed a million times, but decided to go, as we had a major break through with her scent. Didn't realise until I programmed TomTom that it was in fact 190 miles each way but there we go, I am officially mad/stupid/crazy! Tia worked a nice round, teeny bit drifty if I'm being picky, which I'm trying not to be! She was 3rd before scent. I didn't get my hopes up at all! So used to her getting the decoy. She went out. Found the right cloth. Picked it up and ran a pace to me and dropped the cloth. AHHH!! Turned round and searched the rest of the cloths, including going over the decoy twice before running straight back to the right cloth and zooming back to me. Now to some, that may sound like a crap scent, but I was SO pleased with it, as it's the first time I've felt that Tia has had some sort of confidence, and some sort of idea with what she was doing. She defo smelt the decoy each time but didn't even think about picking it up. The dog that was lying 2nd also dropped the cloth, and it needed an extra command, so lost more points than Tia and ended up 3rd, with Tia moving up to 2nd. So giving us our final qualifier, yipppeeeee!

Our first ticket show is 2nd August, then I am planning on doing ones on the 10th, 17th, 23rd as well! Seeing as I have the bug (I really didn't think it was possible to get an 'obedience bug') I may as well make the most of it!


Gina said...

So pleased for you both, get loads of obedience shows in now! :-)

Katie said...

Stuff agility now lol....Ob.Ch.Bekkis Beyond Belief OW AW can't be far off now lol!

Well done again :-)


Lucinda said...


Just as well you went to the show in the end, it was worth the journey lol.

Lucinda x

Vicki said...

well done & congrats! That pretty impressive considering shes had her back problems!

Angela said...

..Well done Tia, you are so good for your MUM!!!! Have fun together in your champ classes