Wednesday, 28 May 2008

No internet! Ahhh!

We've had no internet for a week now, ahhhh! I'm at uni logging on now, hopefully we'll get a new modum (or what ever it is)

Dad went to Supadogs for the 2 days it actually went ahead, and Bex was fab with 1st 1-4 jumping, 1st 1-2 jumping, 2nd 1-3 agility and 2nd 1-2 jumping. He was even more pleased as in the 1-4 jumping he beat Mr Hudson and the lovely Kizzle (sorry Nancy, it was the first thing he said when he rang, lololol!!!). Bex has only done about 5 weekends of competing, and in that time she's had 4 wins, 4 2nds and 2 3rds which I think is just brilliant, especially as most of the wins/places have been in 1-3's and 1-4's.

Tia meanwhile was useless, she had xrays on Friday and I think she was still drowsy from the anaesthetic as Saturday wore on, so I pulled her out of her class, and then didn't bother going on Sunday. We have a show tomorrow (Thursday) which is a bit random, not sure I will go yet as I don't like obedience in the rain (or the wind... or the cold). However Tia really needs the practice so it's likely that we will.

We went back to Lowri's yesterday, Tia still has some swelling in the muscles in her back, however she has a lot more flexibility. This week I have to start jogging with her (bl**dy great!) according to Lowri "starting at 20 minutes, building up to 40 minutes" ummm I think it'll be more likely starting at 10 and building up to 20 lol!!! Tia is very bright and happy now, and the little bits of obedience training I do, she goes ccccrazy for, she is so happy to be working again!!


Leanne said...

Glad to hear Tia is improving! The jogging sounds fun, rather you than me though.

Thought we hadn't heard from you for a while. Congrats on Bex's wins, what a little superstar she is!


Well done Bex x pretty little girl she is xxx