Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Poor Poor Tia :o(

Several people have asked what the outcome was at the specialist yesterday (thanks, nice to know people are interested :o)) well - she is one sore little doggie.

I am really upset as when the vet got me to move Tia in a particular way, it was clear she was still lame, she isn't moving one of her legs in a smooth 'arc' but keeping it low to the ground.

The biggie... she has a HUGE amount of back pain which until now, has NEVER been picked up (by an osteo, 2 chiros, and a physio) which I am frustrated about, we think she has had it since she started training, so 5 years. She has got hardly any awareness in her back end and when the vet pushed her back end from side to side Tia didn't even resist - she should be able to stand rigidly. One side of her is more toned than the other - but the side that's not as toned has hardly any flexibility. This is why I've always had a problem with getting Tia to extend over every jump. She was worse when she was younger because she hadn't learnt to cope with the pain, and the tucking up was an evasion as by doing this it hurt less. And also a reason why she is worse jumping on indoor 'soft' surfaces, as she doesn't have the spring in her back. So when she has 'tucked up' when she is jumping it isn't to do with her legs but the fact she cant flex her back, which is why it was even worse when she was bouncing a jump as she needed to flex and extend even more. The vet was doing exercises with her and getting Tia to bend her head to the left and right - she could do the right easily (heelwork side) but the other way she was really uncomfortable, and then Lowri tried to push Tia's head down and Tia used every muscle she could to resist, coz it obviously hurt so much, and roached all her back, to resist even more :o(

She had some accupuncture, and also did 6 minutes in the water walker. (I did have to have a little giggle at Tia trying to work out how to use a treadmill, and gripping hold of the sides with her paws so she didn't have to walk) I have 4 sets of exercises I have to do with her 4 times a day, including using a wobble cushion to get her resistance in her back end up (which has to be said, is quite fun!!)

I cannot believe that no one has ever picked up her back problems, as yesterday it was clear from the moment Lowri touched Tia's back, that there were going to be problems... it really does make me question how good they are.

Char and sore Tia Pia

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