Monday, 5 May 2008

Bank holiday weekend

Well what a great day we had at Vyne today!
Dad won out of grade 2 with Bex hooray!! He won the 1-2 combined agility by a second, he really pushed Bex and she ran soooo much better! She's been running much faster the whole weekend, also getting a 2nd in 2-3 jumping, we worked out that of the 90+ dogs in the class, there was only about 20 grade 2 dogs so to beat 70+ grade 3s is fab! Dad also managed to make Bex do a big loop as he nearly tripped up over a jump due to having to shift a lot quicker as Bex decided she wasn't going to loiter!

Ember's going home day today, in the jumping she missed her weave entry, so I took her back to the previous jump and redid it, she then got a lovely weave entry, had a pole but everything else was nice. In the agility I didn't care what happened as long as she stopped on her contacts as she thought she could get away with pinging them at Dordale. I got infront of her on her aframe and said STOP and made her come all the way into 2o2o which she did nicely (much to my suprise, I thought she'd try and race past me). She then got a slightly offset weave entry, and I was so pleased/suprised that I forgot to say anything so she came out, probably coz she expected me to call her back and redo, as thats what we've spent most of the weekend doing! So I took her back and did jump-weaves again and she did them lovely, then we sort of went rather wrong, although she got a lovely seesaw and stopped on her dogwalk! She can do it!

The 4-5 jumping (course below) - well I took a gamble as I worked it totally different to everyone else, (I worked the tunnel on the outside and than the second she committed to the tunnel ran on the outside of 4 and 5, so I could just push her over them rather than crossing behind (and it was too spread out to do a front cross between 4 and 5) as I'm useless at getting my timing right! This involving a huuuuuge recall as I had to get past the tunnel, above where the number 13 is. I thought Ember would break her wait, as she has been perfect for ages and it'd be a shame to have to take her out on her last run! Anyway I got to the second jump and she thought I was going to release her so went to go, however my brain reacted fast enough to say nooooooo, and I put her back, then knew for sure she wouldn't try it twice so I just ran to the position I wanted to get in, turned round and good little Ember was still led down waiting to be released! She absolutely flew the rest of the course, my goodness she's so fast, when you can really keep the lid on her she's fabulous! She won the class by 2 seconds, pretty good methinks! This is her third jumping win so she's now grade 6!

Dordale - what a lovely show. Dad had two 1-4's and a 1-7 each day, he managed to stuff up his 1-4's but got a 5th in 1-7 jumping and 6th in 1-7 agility which he was very pleased with. Ember was diabolical (hence the suprise at aforementioned win) as in the agility she flew her dogwalk (I made her lie down by it, then made the mistake of carrying on) and then she flew her aframe (I took her out). In the two jumpings she was on a total mission, she was completely ignoring me and turning like a tank, barking like mad and not concentrating. She missed her weave entries in both classes, if she does this I give her one more chance of redoing jump-weaves (no point in just redoing the weaves as she can get weave entries from a standstill perfectly) and she still missed the entry on her second go so I took her out of both classes! She has to learn, if she won't weave, that she isn't allowed chance after chance, and loses her go!

Hence I didn't bother getting anyone to film the runs at Vyne, a shame as I think that jumping run is one of the runs I'm most ever pleased with, it felt like we were a team, rather than a battle!

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Katie said...

Wow, well done Char and Ember! Going to have to send Jet to you lol haha.

Congrats to your Dad and Bex too, she's a little cracker.