Friday, 2 May 2008


My lovely little sheltie goes back to Gina on Monday *sob* I have really loved having her she is such an outgoing happy little dog, who really should not be a sheltie as she doesn't seem to realise most are quite nervous! I will try and get a last video of her training later, as keep meaning to show a few people what I meant by a long jump weave guard lol! I have the Saturday of Dordale and Monday at Vyne with her, I'm not competing on Sunday as was meant to be at an obedience show but am going to stay at Dordale for the weekend and hopefully do a lot of revision.

She has done a great job of keeping Tia entertained, they play together LOADS but as Tia has to be kept as quiet as possible at the moment they've adapted by Tia lying down and Ember running round her, and then pawing and nipping each others faces, sooo funny to watch.

I've just got a free sample of Joint Aid for Tia and much to my suprise she ate her dinner even faster than normal (on average 5mins), I got the sample as I didn't think she would like it as she's so fussy, but looks like we'll be buying a tub of it!

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