Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Bex 2nd show and more Tia

Well as Tia is so bored, I decided yesterday when I did my lesson Tia could come to watch. However by the time it came to the lesson it had started to rain, so I made Tia a little 'kennel'. I put a bed (dads coat, lol) under the aframe, where the aframe is nearer the floor, as it is sheltered out of the wind and rain. She had Ricky's coat on, but I wanted to keep both her back legs warm, so I put her on dads coat, then put a thick towel over her. Then, to keep out any rain which may get through, I put another coat on the side of the aframe. Then I tied Tia to the aframe as if she's tied up she'll lie still and not fidget! Result... one dog that could happily and snuggly watch agility for an hour or so. Think she'll be coming to watch all my lessons as it must be more interesting for her watching than trying to go to sleep at home!

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