Monday, 21 April 2008

Go Bex!

Bexy had her first show yesterday. She (and dad) were awesome! 4 out of 4 clears, and a 1st in the jumping, and a 3rd in 1-2 agility (with held contacts), a clear in 1-4 agility (again with held contacts) and a clear in the pairs where they came 4th.

Unfortunately no vids of Bex as we nicked the camera for Cornwall, although that proved pretty pointless as most of my rounds were pants!

The honeymoon period with Ember is well and truely over, she was challenging to say the least! Broke her wait (I put her back), broke her wait (put her back again) jumped off her contacts (put her back again) and continued to jump her contacts, at which point we came out of the ring... and that was just one run!!

Tia was lovely, she wasn't jumping fully extended all the time, but it was quite slippy from the rain on Sat, and she's really careful when its like that. Lee ran her in TFO, and then I ran her in 6-7 jumping and she flew, and I got a bit carried away and nearly set her the wrong way so we lost lots of time, but her attitude is a lot better. I am part way through making the video, but lots of editing is needed as I had to put Tia back in her wait on almost all her runs, I am determined she will be waiting perfectly! And of course Rix didn't want to wait at all for his runs. So quite a lot to work on for WBSDS, where I will be training Tia's contacts as she missed her aframe on Sunday, she always takes two strides down the aframe and the 2nd stride she took wasn't far enough into the contact, more work needed!

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