Thursday, 10 April 2008

Poor me!! Lol

Poor me!!! I've been sooooo ill!! Got a virusy thing started to feel a bit lousy monday, collapsed tuesday, and have been lounging between the sofa and my bed ever since!! Dad's been a nice dad and has walked all the dogs as they were going a bit crazy with nothing to do. Feel bit better now, still havent regained my appetite (anyone who knows me, knows that that means I must be ill!) altho looking on the bright side losing 8lbs in a week ain't bad going teehee!

In a dilemma now as I've done no training with Tia since monday, and I have an obedience show on Sunday, under a judge that likes Tia, hmmm but the chances of Tia liking him... lol. Still can't decide whether to go. I shouldn't... it's a long drive... but I want to!

Ember's training has been coming on brilliantly. She's doing super waits, and in training when I proof them, with the g words, if she mistakes it and gets up, she quickly realises that that was a bad decision, and shuffles back and lies down, bless her! Her weave entries are coming along well, and her turns are a lot tighter although sometimes she does get rather carried away and think she knows best! I think I am going to change her seesaw style slightly as she runs right to the end which is fab, but coz she's fairly heavy, it goes down so fast it bounces her off, and she really struggles to stay on!

That's enough for one post, back to putting my feet up and watching another episode of Jeremy Kyle! yawwwn!!

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