Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Update on Tia

Well no agility shows for Tia until Thames at the earliest. She has pulled a ligament in her tarsus of her back leg. Thankfully not a cruciate!!!! She is having one week of 5-10 mins lead walking twice a day (she is already bored out of her brains) and then we'll build up from there. In her third week we will hopefully start her swimming twice a week to build up her muscles before we start agility training again. I just know by the time that time comes I will be totally paranoid about her restarting her training in case anything goes wrong! But at least its not something really serious! Phewf!


Leanne said...

Poor Tia! Thank goodness it's not something really serious, and I hope she makes a full recovery.

Typical timing though!

Vicki said...

Poor girl! At least it wasnt her cruciate as you quite rightly said. Send her get well wishes from all this end x