Thursday, 17 April 2008

Obedience training day

Went on an obedience training day yesterday. It was really good, very interesting. I learnt a lot about reasons why Tia may be screwing up in the ring. I also learnt I reward her a lot more when she is nervous/scared, to try and take her mind off what is worrying her. But it just babies her and makes her more aware something is up. I now have to build up sequencing in my training, so we do heelwork, DC, sendaway and retrieve before she gets her reward. Poor Tia, I just can't help but reward her each time, she's too cute!

I had an agility lesson this morning... Tia has slowed up again, *groan*!!! I'm so loving training the bad sheltie (who incidentally was brilliant) that Tia's not getting enough work, and I think she still needs to be fitter. More training needed. Actually, better training is needed, as I keep going out to train with no goals and it doesn't work! Must get a better training plan! For obedience and agility!!!

Ember's training is going really well. Her start line waits are fab. She's quick to correct herself if she gets up when I say 'goose' or 'green' she quickly lies back down again. Her dog walk and aframe are speeding up a lot and she's straight into 2o2o rather than stopping 4on or 4off. She got every weave entry as well today, and was really steadying herself down to make sure she got them, so I think using the long jump as a weave guard is working as she hasn't been able to make an error on them for weeks now.


Lucinda said...


My name is Lucinda! You sound the same as me. I am doing obedience with my 11 month old working sheepdog 'Jazz' and i reward her for every little thing she does, you just can htlp it can you?

Can i add the link to your blog on my blog please?


Char said...

Hi Lucinda I have watched the vid of Jazz on youtube she looks very nice, yes course u can add my blog :o)

Anonymous said...

Char how did you use the long jump weave entry thing?

any chance of a videoo? ;)

Lucinda said...

Thank you :) x

Katie said...

I luuurve that pic of Tia!

Glad things are going well with Ember!


Anonymous said...

glad she's getting better :) that pic is seriously gorgeous, she is SO pretty! x

Angela said...

..Thanks for your help this weekend Charlotte!