Saturday, 26 April 2008

Worst show

Well WBSDS has to be the worst show ever for me. Tia knocked a pole in the 6/7 agility and went lame, she tucked up on the last few jumps and like a tw@t I carried on, I find it really hard to know if there's a problem with her as sometimes she tucks up anyway if she gets her striding wrong as it gets her out of trouble (Rather than Rix who would crash into the jump!) Anyway she ran off and got her toy all happy, but I think as the adrenaline started to wear off she realised her back leg hurt quite a lot and was REALLY lame. She's still a bit lame today, the physio is coming tomorrow, I sooo hope it's not a cruciate as that will probs be her agility days over :o( as she's nearly 6 now, so probs wouldn't recover from an op as quick as a younger dog.

When your one and only competing dog goes lame it does make you stop and think, and appreciate every single run you have with them, never mind if they got e'd.

Ember was fabulous I was so pleased with her. The 5-7 graded agility was a hard course, and it started with Jump-Aframe and Ember went pingggg on the aframe (although at least she got the contact). So I made her lie down at the bottom of the aframe, then I went to walk away and she got up, so I made her lie down again. The rest of the course was stunning, didn't put a foot wrong.

In the 5-7 combined jumping it was also a hard course, 4 pull throughs at different places in the course, and you had to turn back on yourself after a pull through and do a longgg snake, then a straightline (out of a flat tunnel) to finish. Ember isn't the easiest with a hard course as she gets a bit cocky and then turns like a tank. Anyway, WOW she was gorgeous! Ran so fast, and listened so well. I managed to get in all the right places, and she sure was flying! Then, on the final turn out of the snake and into the final straight, what did I do?? F***ing fell over!!!!! GRRRRR!!! I am SOOO mad with myself, what a complete idiot! Ember was very excited and started barking at me, probably telling me to hurry the hell up! We were 6th when they were calling to the end of the class, don't know how we ended up... 'if only' I hadn't fallen over!!

Bex was pretty pants, came out of the weaves in two classes (both dads fault) and her contacts were slow. Think she needs to build up confidence in a ring situation as in training (both at mine, Jayne's, and club) she is really fast, but dad is much much quieter in the ring and so Bex can't feed from his confidence.

The post below about Ember didn't work so this is the vid of Ember being rather naughty in Cornwall.

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Katie said...

Really hope Tia is ok Char!