Thursday, 8 May 2008

Another Tia update

Well Tia is off to see a specialist on Monday. I have been in contact with Lowri Davies who is a vet at the SMART clinic in Wales, and she said that with Tia's injury, she thinks that something else was niggling at Tia, so she has been compensating on this leg, and then the ligament has gone 'ping'. She is meant to be doing 2x 20min lead walks a day, with 5 mins of that off lead, but I can't let her off lead now as all she wants to do is do the biggest outrun in the world, so Lowri has said to keep her on lead the whole time.

So Tia will have an appointment Monday morning, and they will also start off her treatment at the same time, which may consist of ultrasound, accupuncture or hydrotherapy using a water walker.

I may be being slightly paranoid, however I am taking no chances, after paying the price and not getting Ricky to see a specialist due to the vets saying 'metacam and rest' and him having to retire at 8, so I want to get Tia totally sound before I even think about bringing her back to agility!

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