Wednesday, 21 May 2008

A non-moany post... for a change!!

I thought, after all the moany posts recently, that I will post a happy one :o)

Tia went back to the specialist today and Lowri is REALLY pleased with how much progress she has made in the last week! She has a vastly improved range of movement in her back, shoulders and hips, is arc-ing her back leg in a much smoother fashion and her movement is much more fluent down her spine, rather than rocking side to side. Her walks are now 4x 30 mins a day, and maybe in the next couple of weeks I can start running with her, or even better, off lead! We are going back on Friday for another session of acupuncture and water walker, and also xrays etc to assess the damage. I have entered Tia in anysize (low jumps) at Lansdown at the end of June... it will be exactly 2 months since WBSDS when she hurt herself. I soooo hope she will be ready for it, I think she will be, if she does do it, she will be sooooo loopy, bless her she doesn't normally get that excited watching me train other people but on Monday she was crazily excited and wouldn't stop barking, I think she is saying ME ME MEEEE!!


Vicki said...

yay for the good news *fingers crossed* for her (and you!)

Katie said...

Great news! :)

Hudsondoglets said...

Fingers crossed for Tia.