Saturday, 12 July 2008

Jaff pup Be

Laura came round today to do some work with Elmo her GSD as she has entered her first obedience show in August... she WAS meant to enter one in July but chickened out and didn't tell me until the entries had closed GRRRR LAURA!!!! Anyway I've given her tons of stuff to practise with him over the next month or so, although he's working fab anyway, I'm just nit picking ;o)

And then on to Laura's pup... she's just scrummy! She's very interactive with people/dogs, but the minute Laura calls her she flies back and is happy to play tug with lots of distractions. Love her, and she's so perfect for Laura. Had the camera out for the first time in ages, here are a few snapz.


Katie said...

Lol, love the one of her shouting at Rix and Tia!

Saint Lover said...

She's adorable... And looks like she is having a blast with Tia.