Tuesday, 22 July 2008

RICKY!! Grrr!

Well now I have two crippled dogs! Grrr! When will I get some luck??

Dad took Ricky to Caerphilly on the weekend and Ricky got a 2nd and 3rd in anysize, what a sweetie... NOT... he won't even go clear for me! Dad also won another grade 3 agility with Bex on the Saturday. He says Bex is flying now and its very sh*t or bust, and at the mo its more bust, poor dad, his little legs can't keep up with Bex!

So, I took Ricky to the doggy gym yesterday. He got in the treadmill... and then it started to move... AHHHHHH SCARY! Poor Rix clamped himself down on the treadmill as he rolled into the back of it, lol. We eventuallly got him walking on it, not good at all though, he struggled the entire time, did 20 mins on it but was very tired by the end. Only a slow walk, but he found it terribly hard to get any sort of balance and had his head about an inch off the floor... Lowri wasn't happy with how he was moving as his hind legs, from his knee down, have very little lift in them. Then she got me to trot him up and down and he is inverting his back leg, and then when he turns he doesn't use his back legs to aid the turn, he hops around the turn. (This is something I questioned with an osteopath several years ago but she said it was fine). Then she gave him a massage/physio session and he has muscle wastage in his right shoulder (this I already knew as it has a lot of tissue damage), right hip, and part of his back. Ricky's now going to be referred to her properly next week and we'll build up from there. Lowri said if we don't get it sorted then he probs won't be able to do even anysize soon as his legs really are not working properly. (((you imagine I got her to see Ricky when Rix first went lame at 4 ehh??)))

Tia did a really good session yesterday so we will be starting building up her agility training again.

Work is going well, I am suffering a lot less from tiredness now, and can concentrate the entire day, ha ha!

BTW not sure if I mentioned it but I've booked Lee in for a session on 'handling techniques' with Scott in August (same one that me and Tia are doing) so hopefully Tash will be able to sort Lee's awful arms out so poor Scotty has a chance of keeping the poles up, teeheehee!


Vicki said...

doesnt sound like you're having much luck on the dog lameness front!

Get well soon Ricky & Tia!!

Leanne said...

I can only think we should be thankful that they still have 4 legs, with the luck your pups are having!

Hope they're both on the mend again soon, poor pups!