Monday, 13 April 2009

18 weeks

Time flies. I can't believe Scandal is 18 weeks already. I dont think she has grown the last couple of weeks, but I went out for a walk this morn and met 4 or 5 people we haven't seen for a week and they all said "WOW hasn't she grown" so i guess she's not quite so small after all!

Here she is in show (ish!) pose.

I did some ladder work with her yesterday afternoon, and that was... interesting. After trying to balance on the rungs of the ladder, then trying to leap over it, and getting her foot caught in it, we managed to get walking through very neatly. It certainly has helped her, and she was a lot worse than I thought she would be although did get the hang of it quite quickly.
I've ordered some books and have ordered Susan Garretts Crate Games, I did scoff at someone who told me they were doing CG as the whole idea of a DVD all about how to play with the crate just did not appeal, however everyone raves about it so I thought well might as well join them! Also ordered Shaping Success and Ruff Love as hoping it may help with some of Scandal's naughtiness and possessiveness. Oh and while I was there I ordered 2 books by Christine Zink on building the canine athlete and the agility advantage - figured that as none of my dogs are competing right now I may as well read up on as much as possible about how to keep them in good shape!
And a pic of Ricky looking gorgeous at 10. He got 3rd in anysize with Lee this weekend, good boy Rickers Knickers!

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