Friday, 17 April 2009

Plea at Wallingford

If you're going to Wallingford and have a nice friendly and sociable dog, please could you come up to me and the puppy and say hello! She got snapped at a couple of days ago by a collie and then a spaniel, and saw a spaniel that barked at her yesterday and so she flew up to it with her hackles up and growling! I've worked hard on getting her to be calm and friendly to other dogs and so don't want to go back to square one, especially as some agility dogs don't have the best of temperments anyway, so have to pick and choose who she'll say hello to on Sunday! Rosie I'll be coming to find you and Fuzzy Fozzie!
Thanks :o)


Sharon said...

Hi Char, really sorry to hear she got attacked, that is the one thin I really worry about when they are this age. Sorry wont be at Wallingford (next show Vyne), but really hope they get to meet each other soon as I'm sure Diesel will love her.

OBay Shelties said...

How fustrating Charlotte! Fingers crossed she will bounce back.

Sorry I am not at Wallingford so I am no help!

I'm Helen said...

Well thankfully Nellie LOVES puppies and always wants to say hello and usually gets rignt down on the ground to make them feel really confident, so look out for me with Nellie Hx

Char said...

Thanks all, I didn't think too much of it at the time, as I managed to grab the cocker spaniel before it managed to grab too much of her, it was only the next day when she went into defensive mode that I thought ahhhh. We've met two really nice young jack russels in the last couple of days which she's had a good game with, so that's good. Helen I will seek you and Nell Beans out!
Oh no Sharon, I'm not doing Vyne, in fact I'm not doing any more agility shows after WBSDS! Think S + D will first meet each other when they are queueing lolololol!!